Things You Should Follow to Avoid Drunk Driving


Party harder, that’s what most of the millennials are trying do. In order to cope up with the rapidly growing competitive world, people tend to flow with the trend, specially the youths of our generation. But behind this self-competitive booster is a hidden party pooper. After a night of loud music and wild dancing there is a tendency that those happy moments might turn into a memory.

Tips to prevent drunk driving


If you are invited to a night out by a family or a close friend, make sure to plan ahead of time. The plan for the safety precautions are listed below:

Assign a designated driver


If you know you will be drunk, bring someone to drive you home. Make sure that this person is responsible enough and be sure to keep your eye on them while drinking, get their contact number in case you’re ready to leave. Make sure that person doesn’t drink alcohol.

Finding other transportation


Take public transit. Research for bus, train and streetcar routes available near the area. If you are taking public transit in a vulnerable state after drinking, it is always a good idea to travel in groups. Having friends available is a good way to stay safe and make sure that you reach your destination. If the venue you will be drinking is close enough, leave your car. When you’re planning to walk home at night make sure that the place is safe to avoid casualties.

Pay attention to your body


You would definitely know your alcohol tolerance, if your tolerance is low then be responsible in drinking. Showing signs of impairment and slower brain function including lack of motor skills and slower reaction time leads inability to operate a motor vehicle. Some of these signs includes, stumbling or poor balance, difficulty in clear speaking or slurred words and abnormal behaviour leading you to do inappropriate things.


These safety precautions are sure to be followed when you know how to discipline yourself. Partying and having fun is not bad, in fact, it’s healthy but make sure to be responsible because in the end you’re liable of your own acts. Don’t be one of the victims of intoxicated driving.

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