April, 2017


Gold and Economics

When common people were buying gold jewellery back in the eighties they had no idea that they were storing their wealth in any way as a buffer for the economic downfall of the coming world economies. Most of them predominantly were buying gold jewellery for cosmetic purposes and had no inclining to as the value of the spending power they were protecting. In the early part of the eighties the value of gold was approximately 235 dollars per troy ounce. At the advent of the early nineties and the economiesRead More

Chattel Mortgage on the Rise: Should You Go for It?

With more and more individuals and businesses opting for chattel mortgages, you’re probably asking the question right now of whether you should also go for it or not. Before you make a move, though, you need to understand first how chattel mortgages work and whether you will actually benefit from taking one or not. What Is a Chattel Mortgage? According to Investopedia, a chattel mortgage or a CM is a legal term that describes a loan arrangement wherein the property used as security for the loan is a moveable one.Read More

Get Rim Financing Services Online

When it comes to buying tires and rims, it can get quite expensive. More so, if you want to buy the whole set, it can be quite a pricy affair. But with services such as Finance Rims Online you need not get worried about the price as you will be able to feasibly buy whatever you want and pay off without any trouble. There are financing services available for those who want to purchase rim and tires online. These companies provide the facility to customers to opt for low monthlyRead More

History of The Submariner

Regardless of the admiration of the Rolex Submariner story, The Submariner was not the initial water resistant view Rolex crafted. The Rolex Submariner bi metal back story goes even additional to the 1930’s when Panerai created ‘tool view’ a 47mm cushion-shaped Oyster situation view. This was fitted with a pocket watch motion and set up an affiliation with Panerai who at the time had been professionals in diving gear. The Submariner that we know these days hasn’t modified enormously because its release at Basel watch fair in 1954. It hasRead More